Nougat Dry Oil Spray
Nougat Dry Oil Spray

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Nougat Dry Oil Spray

Nougat Dry Oil Spray works to invigorate the skin by deeply nourishing and repairing, leaving the body fragrant with a radiant shimmer.

This is perfect for newly tanned skin, to replace lost moisture or to give yourself a full body gleam for that special occasion.

  • 100ml

About the Scent: Tuberose and Jasmine is a delicate and feminine fragrance with a soft, subtle, sweet note. Beginning with the top notes of sensual White Peach to soothe the mind, the fragrance soon releases the elegant notes of Tuberose and Jasmine with the warm notes of Hot Milk and Cinnamon. Finally the base notes of evocative Sandlewood and Cedarwood blend with delicious vanilla and musk for truly indulgent femininity.

Price: $48.00