Flexflop Black 'Pedi Please' Flip FlopsFlexflop Black 'Pedi Please' Flip Flops
Flexflop Black 'Pedi Please' Flip Flops

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Flexflop Black 'Pedi Please' Flip Flops

Have you ever left a party early because you could not possible stand another minute in those designer shoes? Our standard line will come in handy when your feet need a break.

Flexflop is the first emergency flip flop that folds in half and comes packaged in a matching pouch. Because you're always "on the go." The flexflop signature makeup-style pouch can also double as a bag - with plenty of room for your flexflops, keys, lipstick and small wallet.

This flexflop features a rhinestone circle accent piece attached to the front. Matching pouch reads "Pedi Please" in silver studs.....Because it's always better to ask nicely.

  • Made of black pedi-twill
  • Small (5-6.5)
  • Medium (7-8.5)
  • Large (9-10.5)

Price: $55.00

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