Sweet Spot On-The-Go Wipettes
Sweet Spot On-The-Go Wipettes

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Sweet Spot On-The-Go Wipettes

3-fragrance sampler: includes one of each of the following scents: Citrus Galbanum, Geranium Lavender and Basil Grapefruit.

This especially gentle formula delivers a sophisticated clean, especially designed for women (no, not the baby!). Alcohol-free and pH balanced for sweet spots, this cocktail offers the best of both worlds – a refresher and a pick-me-up. For external use only. This on the go pack includes 3 individual deluxe sized wipes. Instant Sweetification to go.

Available in the following fragrances:

Citrus Galbanum- Lighthearted with a sexy side. Pink grapefruit and tangerine oils are naturally antibacterial and smell refreshing, not fruity. Made more mysterious with galbanum, used (and used and used) for centuries as an aphrodisiac. (thank us later)

Geranium Lavender-It only smells delicate. Geranium oil has in-born calming and soothing mojo and a quietly spicy charisma. Lavender is just as feel-good, with natural antibacterial properties and the extra floral bouquet. Calming and clean. Who says pretty isn’t powerful?

Basil Grapefruit-Formulated with a blend of essential oils dominated by decongesting basil and detoxifying and balancing grapefruit essences, these inborn properties help power through that special time of the month. They help your body’s natural powers do their best to keep you fresh while you may be feeling otherwise.

Unscented-Ideal for more sensitive spots and product purists. This product is completely, utterly, and absolutely without added scents or color. Get all the luxury without the perfumery.

Price: $3.00